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I'm Unable to Reply to Posts
03.04.2017 by badbud65

As per the title "I'm Unable to Reply to Posts" I registered a few weeks ago and posted my first post today, but on reading other posts or my own I find I have o option to reply?

15.11.2018 by Jute

Sorry, I have no idea what the problem is. I have three problems.

1) The add a portrait feature doesn't work.
2) Every time that I try to login to this site I'm informed that my password is wrong, when I know that it's not. I am forced to generate a temporary password. I login and set a new password of my own. The next time that I attempt to login in the same rigmarole happens all over again.
3) There is less activity here than there is in a morgue.

There is one solution to all three problems.


16.11.2018 by Admin

Hi Jute,

thanks a lot for your feedback.

1. should work now
2. should work now as well
3. should be solved by 1. and 2. and by you


27.11.2018 by Jute

1) Okay, thanks, the portrait upload feature now works.
2) I had to generate a temporary password in order to login. I've just set my own password (again). Hopefully it'll work next time that I attempt to login.
3) It takes two to tango and two to hold a conversation, unless you're a schizophrenic.

28.11.2018 by Jute

I just had to generate a temporary password, yet again.

05.12.2018 by Jute

And yet again, I had to generate a temporary password. There's a limit to how many times I can be bothered to do it.

11.12.2018 by Jute

I just had to generate a temporary password, yet again.

24.12.2018 by Jute

I once again had to generate another temporary password, this is getting old.


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