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Alexithymia and Asexuality
15.07.2017 by Neotecha

I found this topic on reddit:

It appears that someone who is asexual without alexithymia, their results may bias the questionnaire slightly in the affirmative direction. This idea would predict that an asexual person without alexithymia would score high on the "lack of sexual interests" section, but low on the other sections.

Can a person have Alexithymia and separately be asexual? Is it possible this is not a good metric for the questionnaire?

Not the same thing
21.08.2017 _T('by') tiger91

I'm alexithymic but not asexual.

to Neotecha
26.12.2017 _T('by') Gluskin

Yes I believe so, you can have Alexi and be asexual. Why not? We're all a bit different.
Speaking from another asexual.

20.02.2020 _T('by') Delik3648

I identify as Asexual. I scored pretty high on the Alexithymia test so I joined. I'm not sure if it's because of my Asexuality. Maybe i can learn more here so I will be able to make an informed decision.

20.02.2020 _T('by') kafofi

From what I read before knowing the test, one of the characteristics of Alexithymic is asexuality. This confused me because I have a strong sexuality like many I've read on the forum. So I don't understand why this issue of sexuality is present in the questionnaire. It seems to me that sexuality should be an issue independent of Alexithymia, but I can be very wrong about that. I'm learning to try to understand and understand myself as Alexi.

13.12.2020 _T('by') Momo83

I have identified as asexual for a long time, but thinking back it might just have been a simple way to explain why I didn't want to have sex. I'm unable to relax and am always getting very stressed about the whole situation around having sex. I'm not very keen on masturbation either, but when I do, I get a feeling of pleasure from it. So for me, I probably avoid sex because I can't handle that sort of situation.
I score 140 on the test and think I'm on the spectrum.