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142 on the Questionnaire and I'm Only 17
27.07.2017 by ImAlwaysSayingIDK

I've had this issue for years. It used to be just regarding romance and my emotions towards others, but now it's about pretty much everything. My dad also had this problem. He's a very unexpressive person. My mother, however, is extremely expressive. Which makes me a weird combination of highly self-expressive and eccentric but unable to describe any of it with words or even identify it for myself.

01.03.2018 by k1234567890y

maybe you are a person who manages to identify and express yourself sometimes, but not as good as people without alexithymia traits at all, which would not exclude yourself from having alexithymia I guess.

18.02.2020 by User46779I59

I am 17 and scored 135. I have no emotions for most of the time.

23.10.2020 by User26582M63

lol you're not alone dude, im 17 and i scored 170.

07.07.2021 by User61107A48

@ImAlwaysSayingIDK I actually have a similar problem. I don't understand why I'm like this to be honest. But all I know is I've had trouble expressing myself ever since I was a kid. I'm 17 now. My mother has told me I'm emotionless but others say I'm not. So I've been trying to force myself to be affectionate with others. The thing is I go into a panic mode after.


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