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I know I'm different but do I really have Alexithymia?
30.07.2017 by Misswhoami

There is something different about me. I know this. I can't pin point what it is though. I took this test honestly. I got a score of 159. I'm about to start further research into this personality trait... But I wanted to find out how others felt when they first heard about Alexithymia/were diagnosed or someone else suggested they had it? I don't understand my emotions I suppose that is true... However I do cry occasionally? Do others? I know I get angry because I raise my voice and snappy when i respond to questions and sometimes even shake and rarely I'll get tears in my eyes at the same time. I laugh. These are all emotions? Anyway, I am going to start research now. I was just curious of others thoughts when they first became aware of this personality trait.

145 in the test questioner
28.07.2018 by Uhm

I know i have emotions but to describe it? I could only say it is something. It is so small and so short lived kind of emotion for me to know if what im feeling is sadness or happiness or whatever. I do cry but i need to focus for me to cry. And i cry just so i could feel something. I also lack empathy. But i could feel someone's pain. I just don't usually feel mine though. Plus if ever i feel that i'm hurt its delayed

20.04.2020 by User33946F60

I cry as well, quite a bit to be honest. I feel very strongly and I feel others emotions very strongly. Often times, I don't even understand why I'm crying at such insignificant things, like I cry during movies all the time at the smallest things. But to describe my emotions to someone feels absolutely impossible. When I read about this, I felt like this was the first thing to describe what I've always had a problem with. My lack of imagination, my rare but very realistic, everyday life dreams, and my lack of ability to describe what I'm physically and emotionally feeling all relate to this so I feel like I finally found an answer.


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Alexithymia - emotional blindness - is a personality trait characterized by the inability to identify and describe emotions in the self. Core characteristics of alexithymia are marked dysfunction in emotional awareness, social attachment, and interpersonal relationship.
Alexithymia is prevalent in approximately 10% of the general population and is known to be comorbid with a number of psychiatric conditions. Due the inability to cope with feelings and emotions as described in psychology there are counseling services to establish mental health.
Psychologist have argued that the alexithymia construct is strongly related to the concepts of psychological mindedness and emotional intelligence.
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