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Matriarchy VS Capitalism and Socialism
04.12.2017 by Z

By Matriarchy one means a society in which the childrearing is nurturant, strengthening the unique will of each individual to form open, trusting, creative bonds with others, while the mode of childrearing in patriarchy is to control and dominate the child's will. In capitalism the child's will is directed toward serving the interests of corporations, in socialism toward serving the state, while in patriarchy to nurture oneself is considered a revolutionary act. In Matriarchy all relationships are modeled on the nurturant relationship between a mother and her child.

Under capitalism if mothers choose to nurture their children, then they are permitting their children to risk exploitation, poverty, stigma and isolation. Under socialism if a mother chooses to nurture their children, then she will probably be arrested.

The elimination of every economic, political, sexual and educational institution of patriarchy defines how the next generation is to be reared.

Capitalism, socialism and patriarchy confine freedom of choice in a predetermined context and confine knowledge due to reasons such as competition, instructions and give-and-take relationships. They all lead to inequality, injustice and distress. Emotions confine rationale. Rationale leads to freedom of choice and to knowledge seeking. Thus, the lack of emotions, alexithymia, is a defensive mechanism deriving from the self-sustaining instinct of human beings in the hostile to mothers societies of capitalism, socialism and patriarchy so that freedom of choice and knowledge are preserved. Feminism,lesbianism and similar distortions of Matriarchy only support capitalism, socialism and patriarchy by contaminating the motherly concept.

The cure for alexithymia is the smash of patriarchy, socialism and capitalism as if one would clean the trash in his yard instead of ceasing to breathe.

30.03.2020 by User71968C94

Very interesting - I especially liked the conclusion that alexithymia is a self-preserving, instinctual reaction to emotional confinements, and also patriarchy as more of a symbolic societal influence rather than the systematic, intentional oppression of women, I thought that was a very interesting take.

You say the cure for alexithymia is to smash patriarchy, socialism and capitalism - which I think in essence is a good idea, however a little bit simplified. What then would you suggest we put in place for the system of government/law? Matriarchal methods of raising your children with nurture and emotional kindness rather than forced conformity sound great, but it's hard to implement matriarchy on a state or national scale?

I agree that capitalism serves to breed workers for the corporations, and often socialism/capitalism that has been distorted by greed serves only to uphold state control and diminish middle/lower class freedoms, but then what system can we put in place that pushes society forward and simultaneously tends to the emotional needs of the citizens?

I'm knew to alexithymia, so I don't yet know much about it or what causes it etc., but it just about sums up my life experiences so far. I also don't know much about politics or governmental systems, so I'mm hoping you can shed some light for me. However, it seems as though the "perfect" system (as a perfect system cannot truly exist) would be regulated capitalistic democracy that implements socialist policies. Regulated in the sense that individuals cannot achieve beyond a certain amount of wealth, where any amount past that goes to the state, and where corporations must be for the benefit of their workers and society as a whole - and one in which politicians cannot take bribes, oops I mean subsidies, from rich corporations wanting to control public law in their favour, oops I mean constituents, such that they can keep evading tax and raping the environment.

Sorry this was long, went on a rambly rant. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.

14.05.2020 by User76639A31

This guy needs to work on figuring out himself... I not even begin to understand, communicate, and change the percieved broad societal constructs that we can attemt to blame for my current (un)emotional state.

16.12.2021 by Razo

We have to move past the matriarchy vs patriarchy dichotomy. We have to stop thinking of capitalism vs socialism as the end all of economics.
First let’s lay down the matriarchy/patriarchy mindset. The nuclear family is the base element of a functioning society. Husband/wife/kids. It’s not a conflict of one against the other. It’s not matriarch vs patriarch vs children vs the problems of society or nature. We function because we cooperate as a unit so matriarch + patriarch show kids how to cooperate together to advance against the problem so problems cease to be. Pretend you as a parent are standing on the shoulders of giants and your kids will stand on their parents shoulders. Don’t piss on the giants heads and work to raise kids that won’t piss on your head. That solution doesn’t work if the matriarch and patriarch are adversarial towards each other or if one or the other is absent for some reason.
Socialism vs capitalism. I could write a book on this.,
Both systems are the result of central planning and central planners deciding your fate from an ivory tower will only benefit those in the tower. Absent the tower you’re left with the spontaneous order where real world solutions meet real world problems head on and solutions always win if central planners don’t get involved. Let’s call the solution free marketism or voluntaryism where legitimate human interactions are voluntary in nature and not enforced by a central authority at the barrel of a gun or the tip of a bayonet.