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Can Alex be inherited?
20.08.2018 by Sug

Can Alex be inherited?
Do most people with Alex experience the anger and not the other emotions?

08.09.2020 by Alexej

I do not know what the science says, However is autism is inheritable and a lot of folk on the spectrum are alexithymic then alexiness can be inherited or rather there is a higher likelihood that the children will have it if the parents have it. It not sure fire.

Anger is not an emotion I particularly feel it is rather others

02.10.2020 by Serah2707

Alexithymia can't be inherited... Therefore someone with alexithymia will educate their children a different way then people with normal emotions. Alexithymia can be caused by many things including depression and anxiety, also it's mostly why people are seen as psychopath (even tho they aren't) and that psychopathy can be "inhereted" which is false. It's all about the education when the children are growing (specially in teenage years they learn how and what they feel).

Hopes that helps

19.10.2020 by Alexej

While it may be the case that alexithymia cant be inherited, autism does seem to have an inheritable aspect. Given that a lot of people with autism have alexithymia there is a way of looking at it which would say that alexithymia is inherited.

However, i would defer to those with more expert knowledge than I


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