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New Server
08.12.2012 by Admin


we moved to a new server to speed up performance of this site and hope that you will enjoy it.

Your Admin

New Domains as well
08.12.2012 by Admin


while moving to the new server we decided to add a new domain as well. The new domain is "" and is much easier to remember (and enter) than the old one.

Of course you still can use the old domains in the future.

Your Admin

Server is tested and stable
17.12.2012 by Admin

The new server was tested and should be stable and fast now.

e-mails from posts
28.01.2013 by mindspore

Is there no setting to turn off getting an e-mail from each post? I don't mind getting one when someone replies to a post of mine, but getting one for each post I make is getting a bit repetitive.

Valid point
28.01.2013 by Admin

You are right mindspore - in the next update of the forum there will be no emails sent if you post messages yourself.

Thanks for mentioning it.

how to search topics
19.08.2016 by mefisto5445

Hello, I've just registered in this community. Before posting new topics, I would like to search whether the new one have been already discussed. I can't find any search button but.
Thank you.

16.10.2020 by elained

Can I start a new topic? Ask a new question? How?


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