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Help in adding a comment to a specific question or discussion.
03.02.2018 by judah

Hi there,

I'm Juda. I just came across this forum after stumbling upon the alexithymia test on which I scored highly. Having read, with great interest, some of the posts here, there were a few I would have liked to comment on but didn't see an option for doing this? I'm probably missing something really obvious

03.02.2018 by Derpman

scroll down and click the green New Post button

31.08.2020 by User32031N45

what new post button? I can't see one.

08.09.2020 by Alexej

I am replying to this thread using the New Reply box.

Unusually for a Forum I have to review the post before I can submit it.


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Alexithymia is prevalent in approximately 10% of the general population and is known to be comorbid with a number of psychiatric conditions. Due the inability to cope with feelings and emotions as described in psychology there are counseling services to establish mental health.
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