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Personal Experience
262 21.10.2021 _T('by') Lee1255
anyone else feel this way
1 18.05.2014 _T('by') One-Hell14
I think my partner has alexithymia
4 29.03.2014 _T('by') ttme123
Questions about Dreaming
3 29.03.2014 _T('by') ttme123
For whom...?
1 06.03.2014 _T('by') samum637
I just find out I'm dealing with this. It hurts.
3 27.02.2014 _T('by') RottenHeresy
I am actually out of words to put here.
6 11.02.2014 _T('by') carol67
Hey there, sharing my experience.
1 05.01.2014 _T('by') AHPKFZ
I don't care, and I don't care that I don't care
9 13.10.2013 _T('by') NedSeagoon
Is there a way to teach myself to feel right?
4 11.09.2013 _T('by') bridgeworkerbee
I'm somehow okay with this.
1 11.08.2013 _T('by') AlienResidents
My personal experience
1 28.07.2013 _T('by') brittnm08